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The Hound's Bark

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The Staff

Co-Editors in Chief: Lucy Carroll and Natasha Marsden

News Editor: Annapurna Johnson
Assistant News Editor: Jane Kinsella

Feature Editor: Abigail Alcala
Assistant Feature Editor: Noe Naranjo

Entertainment Editor: Maddie Ortiz
Assistant Entertainment Editor: Emma Esquivel
Pod: John Dow

Flipside Editor: Emma Tremont
Assistant Flipside Editors: Della Swan and Aria Motcher

Sports Editor: Jack Sommer
Assistant Sports Editors: Hailey Gilbertson
Pod: Avery Billman

Opinion Editor: Quaid Bulloch
Assistant Opinion Editors: Liam Lopez and Jessica Bynum

Business Captian: Jack Sommer
Ad Team: Lucy Carroll, Liam Lopez, Quaid Bulloch, Abigail Alcala, Jane Kinsella, 
Emma Esquivel, Natasha Marsden and Annapurna Johnson

Subscription Manager: Emma Tremont
Assistant Subscription Managers: Hailey Gilbertson and Aria Motcher

Clipping Clerk:  Maddie Ortiz

Column: Jane Kinsella

Social Media: 
Instagram Managers:
Noe Naranjo and Della Swan
Facebook: Jane Kinsella

Distribution Manager: Abigail Alcala
Distribution Team: Della Swan, Annapurna Johnson, Avery Billman, Jessica Bynum
Liam Lopez, Quaid Bulloch, Lucy Carroll and Natasha Marsden

Flip Column: Emma Tremont

Bulletin: Aria Motchar, Maddie Ortiz, Noe Naranjo and Avery Billman

Weekly Paw: Emma Esquivel
Weekly Paw Assistant: John Dow

Video Lady: Emma Tremont

Website: Hailey Gilbertson, Natasha Marsden, Annapurna Johnson and Lucy Carroll

 Photoshop: Quaid Bulloch, Natasha Marsden and Jessica Bynum

Teacher Advisor: Dennis Ojeda-Jones