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Principal, Bill Halliday Asst Principal, Connie Marx HHS Staff

Governance Council

HHS Governance Council

The Healdsburg High School Governance Council meets the second Thursday of each month in the Main Hall Conference Room, 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM.


September 2017 - Agenda, Minutes
October 2017 - Agenda, Minutes
November 2017 - Agenda, Minutes

December 2017 - Agenda, Minutes
January 2018 - Agenda 

Governance Council Members

Bill Halliday, Principal

Loreen Azevedo, Certificated

Jamie Atwood, Certificated

Kelly Mace, Certificated

Shelley Anderson, Classified

Karen Mendonca, Classified

Pamela Swan, Parent

Lauren Parnes, Parent

Lorna Hayman, Parent

Mimi Gurbst, Community Member

Felipe Martinez, Student

Gissel Gomez, Student



September 2016 - Agenda, Minutes

October 2016 - Agenda, Minutes

November 2016 - Agenda, Minutes

December 2016 - Agenda, Minutes

January 2017 - Agenda, Minutes

February 2017 - Agenda, Minutes


Meeting Schedule

October 2015 - Agenda, Minutes

November 2015 - Agenda, Minutes

December 2015 - Agenda, Minutes

January 2016 - Agenda, Minutes

February 2016 - Agenda, Minutes

March 2016 - Agenda,