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About US

A Commitment To STudents

Mission Statement

Healdsburg High School is a cooperative community dedicated to the intellectual, emotional, physical, cultural, and social growth of all students. Healdsburg High School prepares its students to be purposeful, responsible, and contributing citizens as well as to function effectively in the world of work. In a caring and safe environment, Healdsburg High School students develop skills and attitudes needed for life-long learning.

Expected School-wide Learning Results

Upon graduation from Healdsburg High School, in addition to competency in academic and applied content areas, all Healdsburg High School students shall demonstrate:

Effective Communication by:

• Using accurate oral and written expression
• Expressing themselves creatively and artistically
• Selecting and using appropriate technology

Personal Responsibility by:

• Respecting others in action and speech
• Demonstrating an understanding of the emotional and physical benefits of a healthy and fit lifestyle
• Formulating and progressing toward long and short term goals

Social Responsibility by:

• Showing concern for and involvement in the school and the larger community
• Demonstrating respect and tolerance for others and their cultures

Problem Solving by:

• Applying critical, creative, analytical, and reflective thinking skills in academic settings
• Collaborating with others toward a common goal