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Principal, Bill Halliday Assistant Principal, Anna Koval Contact Information

Healdsburg High School

1024 Prince Street
Healdsburg, CA 95448

Phone (707) 431-3420 
Fax (707) 431-3467  

(707) 431-3425

Hours: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm

(707) 431-3432

Hours: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Contact Information


All staff email addresses follow the pattern of:

first initial last name @husd.com

(Ex., John Camp's email is jcamp@husd.com)


Halliday, Bill Principal
Koval, Anna Assistant Principal

HHS Teachers

Atwood, Jamie Math Teacher
Beehler, Audrey English & AVID Teacher
Bishop, Dane Science & CASA Engineering Teacher
Camp, John AP Psychology, Peer Counseling, Yearbook, Leadership Teacher
Chevalier, John Digital Film Teacher
Corsino, Derek Culinary Arts Teacher
Crosson, Noah Ag Science Teacher
Davis, Bryan Math & Engineering Teacher
Diaz, Carolina Spanish Teacher
Domenichelli, Mark PE Teacher
Efram, Mike Math & Computer Science Teacher
Estupinan, Nataly Accelerated English & AVID Teacher
Gunter, Ben AP English Teacher
Haun, Arlie Special Education Teacher
Henningson, Megan 9th Grade & 11th Grade Seminars Teacher
Hunt, Wesley Agriculture Teacher
Izaba, Ann-Marie Special Education Teacher
LaBrie, Lori MBA & CIS Teacher
Lancaster, Linus Art & CASA Art Teacher
Linker, John English & AVID Teacher
McDowell, Patrick Science Teacher
Mokaram, Yasha Social Studies Teacher
Mora, Kayla Special Education Teacher
Munselle, Lance PE Teacher
Natelli, John Music Teacher
O'Connor, Eric Social Studies Teacher
Ojeda-Jones, Dennis English & Journalism Teacher
Osborn, Brian Social Studies & Auto Shop Teacher
Pagni, Terry CASA Teacher
Parnay, Dana Math Teacher
Pollack, Sharon English Teacher
Ruiz, Andrea Spanish Teacher
Sheehy, Todd Math Teacher
Warf, Thomas Social Studies & 11th Seminar Teacher
Wilcox, Jessica Math Teacher


Ahajanian, Ursula Scholarship Coordinator
Anderson, Shelley Work Based Learning Coordinator
Arend, Ashlyn School Secretary
Azevedo, Loreen District Library Media Teacher
Baum, Rob Campus Supervisor
Edwards, Mike Student Advisor
Mendonca, Karen Administrative Assistant
Mota, Marta ASB Accounting Technician
Pineda, Miguel Campus Supervisor
Ray, Lori Registrar
Romeo, Donna Library Technician
Roth, Ariel Workability
Soriano, Citlali Bilingual Office Assistant
Stine, Dave Athletic Directer
Windrem, Amy District Nurse

Counseling Department

Flores, Ever Counselor
Mace, Kelly Counselor

Marce Becerra Continuation School

LaBrie, Lori MBA & CIS Teacher

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