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2023 Scholarship applications

Please click HERE to access the PDF's for this year's scholarship applications. 

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College and Career Center Resources

Online Resources - Choosing a major, choosing a school, writing the perfect admissions essay, schools with great financial aid. We have an excellent online library for your research. SAT/ACT materials! - Practice books and packets, deadlines, registration packets. Computers! - Work on your online applications for college and financial aid in the office. Essay help! - Brochures! - Want to look at some printed materials without writing away for them? We have files full. Or do a virtual tour in the office and chat live with admissions reps.

Websites to Explore for College and Career Exploration

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News For HHS Alumni

If you're an HHS alum and looking for scholarships, there are resources for you here at the McCord College and Career Center!  Read the news below and then either click on the link to open an online application, or download a form from the choices at the right side of this page.  Remember - scholarships are organized alphabetically by the first word (as in F for Florence McCord!).

Florence Madeline Barnes - Renewable for any prior recipients from the Class of 2012 onward.  You need to have excellent academics and strong financial need.   Alumni - please note that the ENTIRE application should be submitted as a single, organized packet.  Emailed recommendation letters are accepted but hard copies that arrive with the packet are preferred (please note that this will change starting next year - see the new application directions for changes).

Florence McCord Level II - For a wide range of music and medical fields, min. GPA is 2.8 for the previous semester, the current form is available on this page each spring.  Alumni - please note that the ENTIRE application must be submitted as a single, organized packet.  Emailed recommendation letters are accepted only if the writer explains that you are not permitted to have a copy of the letter.

S. Duvall and Maxine Bell Agricultural Scholarship - for all ag-related degrees at 2 or 4 year schools. Renewable for four years, apply annually using the current year's application.

Van Ornum Vocational Scholarship - for any vocational degree (2 or 4 year, or certificate program), including those that require a  a license, credential, or certificate to practice your profession. Examples might include the obvious like construction, auto, culinary, or beauty-related, but it would include accounting, medical, teaching, or counseling/psychology. Ask Ms. Anderson if you have questions.

Rotary Club of Healdsburg - They now want to provide ongoing support to students who were awarded their scholarships. Contact Henk Peeters or check your award letter to ask about renewing.

Sunrise Rotary Club of Healdsburg - They also want to provide ongoing support. Check your award letter for instructions.

10,000 Degrees (in conjunction with the Community Foundation of Sonoma County) - various scholarships, all online.  Apply online.  DUE BEFORE MIDNIGHT MARCH 2!

Other local scholarships for grads include the PG&E Funds (search online for PG&E scholarships), Sonoma County Farm Bureau (and some other FFA/Ag scholarships - look online at but also call the Farm Bureau offices), the Wilson Wineries Children of Vineyard Workers Scholarship (find the app at the Farm Bureau website and on this web page), the Healdsburg Garden Club (for seniors and college students pursuing plant-related majors), the Caners Foundation (for horticulture and agribusiness majors, the North Coast Builders Exchange, the HATA Scholarship (for fifth year students going into teaching), the Russian River Riders, the Sonoma County Fish and Wildlife Scholarship, Latinos Unidos (submit an application to renew if you were previously awarded, forms will be posted on my web page when they become available - be sure to download the ones for alumni),  the Cienamigos Scholarship (Mexican-American students), and the Splawn Scholarship

Beginning in 2017, if you were awarded the Hiatt Scholarship, you can apply to renew it for up to four years. Look for the application on this web page, and if it's not there, look online for Hiatt Scholarship.

If you attend SRJC, here's a link to their scholarship page.  If you attend SSU, here's the link to their scholarships. They (and all the CSU's) have a new Middle Class Scholarship for families earning less than $156,000 per year.  Also, the University Scholarship is renewable and due each year mid January to early February.

Final note:  There are also State University Grants (SUG) available for graduate students through the CSU system.  You will need to file a FAFSA by the deadline and have an EFC of less than $4000 to qualify, but the aid is great.  Check it out here.