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Welcome to the HHS Leadership/ASB Page!

ASB Officers

President: Jack Sommer

Vice President: Trey Chapman

Secretary / Treasurer: John Dow

Rally Commissioner: Lilia Lopez

Publicity / Elections Commissioner: Felipe Martinez

Activities Commissioner: Gissel Gomez

Student Trustee: Walter Damkroger


Senior Class Officers

President: Minerva Nunez

Vice President: Alina Tayek

Secretary / Treasurer: Alex Di Jorio

Rally Commissioner: Sebastian Gonzales

Sophomore Class Officers

President: Dewey Widdick

Vice President: Addie Nielson

Secretary / Treasurer: Evie Quinonez

Rally Commissioner: Logan Bradt




Junior Class Officers

President: Aiden Klick

Vice President: Nick Cox

Secretary / Treasurer: Emalie Cano

Rally Commissioner: Janet Rodriguez

Freshman Class Officers

President: Cristobal Martinez Sanchez

Vice President: Claire Conard

Secretary / Treasurer: Vacant

Rally Commissioner: Nicole Caviglia