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HHS Leadership

ASB Officers

ASB Advisor: Riley Dale

President: Luci Hagen
Vice-President: Viola Santana
Secretary: Emma Thorne
Treasurer: Elise Thompson
Student Trustee: Abigail Highfield
Rally Commissioners: Jake Wipperfurth and Owen Behrens
Social Media Manager: Reyna Earl

class officers

Senior Class Advisor: Kelly Mace

President: Rogelio Vega
Vice-President: Tatiana Gonella
Social Media: Allison Thill

Junior Class Advisor: Dennis Perez

President: Alissa Sommer
Vice-President: Alex Fitzpatrick

Sophomore Class Advisor: Riley Dale

President: Arlo Herrod
Vice President: Jules Thompson

Freshmen Class Advisor: Matthew Benemelis 

President: Liliana Reyes
Vice-President: Tyler Fleckenstein

leadership students

class advisors

9th- Matthew Benemelis

10th- Dennis Perez

11th- Riley Dale

12th- Vacant

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